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  1. Alina Bari
    Love themm amazing fit and quality 🔥🔥
  2. Rabia Rathore
    Just wanted to say I love the stuff as always! Really appreciate everything you guys do ♥️
  3. Sophia Amir
    omg i’m in love!!! i usually only wear lululemon and these are honestly soooo close material wise thank u!!
  4. Maria Ghaznavi
    I received my order this weekend and wore the pants to my workout today. I love them. So happy we have reliable active wear manufactured locally....thank you. It was long had to have the length altered but comfortable and great for the job to made for....hoping to order a medium next time (ameen heheh)
  5. Ermina Khan
    Been obsessed w these pants ever since i bought them 💗💗
  6. Zara japanwala
    I just received the package and i am in love. The packaging is so cute and the product quality, fit and feel is phenomenal. I love it!
  7. Shajia saeed
    I have received the trouser and omg!! It’s so good The quality, damn! The fitting! Everything is on point
  8. Sophia Amir
    omg i’m in love!!! i usually only wear lululemon and these are honestly soooo close material wise thank u!!
  9. Sarah Sami
    I recieved the sport movement pants in black color.... I must say I'm totallly blown away by the quality....not in my wildest imagination i ever thought i would b able to buy sth like this locally....it is by far giving severe competition to my underarmour trousers which i had recently resourced for 15k....which also have started pilling almost immediately
  10. Mehrunisa Ammar
    Your bootcut pants are amazing! I've been wearing them almost everyday since I had a baby and she's almost 6 months now.
  11. Nimrah Ahmed
    Okay so I got my pants and when I tell you that these sport movement pants fit me like a glove I MEAN IT like HOWWW??!! I didn't know pants like these existed like I never thought it would fit me like it did but I'm so glad and honestly it's worth every penny, I might even order another pair after a few months because these are LITERALLY the best workout pants I've ever worn. It sculpts your legs and that flare shape is sooo hard to find in Pakistan. Honestly you guys are doing soo good it makes me so happy that I have a new favourite online store!!
  12. Ilqa Khan
    I just received my pants and they are just gorgeous. The fit is perfect and they look great on me
  13. Namika Shaikh
    I just received my pair. it’s amazing I love it so much it fits me perfectly and the quality is also so good! thankyou so much ????????
  14. Alina Iftikhar
    *adds ten more to cart* … oh living fit apparel I think I am going to live in these pants! ????
  15. Anam Fecto
    Loving the bootcut pants! The material, the fit, everything is on point. Perfect to wear all day ❤️
  16. Anonymous
    Okay so honestly, all my life I’ve had a super hard time finding clothes that fit me perfectly and also something I feel like I look hot/good in. I was so skeptical since years about ordering fitness clothes/any clothes online especially but honestly, these fit me like a glove. They’re so soft, so comfortable, so easy to wear and stretchable plus I feel SUPER confident in them. Thank you sooooo much❤️
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